Vision, Mission and Values

Below you will find an elaboration of our vision- and mission statements as well as our values, which is the backbone of everything SIMAC does.


“We educate the world’s best maritime leaders“

We are a professional and internationally recognized maritime educational institution. We provide and transmit knowledge in an inspiring study and work atmosphere, which matches the aspirations for a career in the maritime world.


“We are a maritime institution for education and knowledge development“

We are an educational institution with “the maritime world”, “knowledge” and “learning” as our core concerns. We cooperate in a goal-oriented way with national and international networks, and in close association with the maritime world.
Everything that we carry out, underlines that SIMAC is the maritime business world’s preferred knowledge and educational partner for producing the most senior employees.


SIMAC’s values are created via teamwork throughout the whole organization, and they fit closely with SIMAC’s vision and mission, setting the scope for the daily work activities.

Our values are the following:

Professional Competence 
High professional competence is our trademark; we recognize and make use of each other’s professional competence, so that each of us makes full use of our competencies; we develop and convey new knowledge.

We keep a close eye on the market and take up new trends; we improve the quality of our work; and we use knowledge-sharing as a tool for improvement and development.

We thrive on responsibility; we work conscientiously with an awareness for quality, time and money; and we do what we say we will do.

We look for possibilities in place of problems and limitations; we work with enthusiasm; and we go happily to and from work.

Good Colleagues
We are open to listening to one another; we share our work, even if it is boring; and we give recognition to well-produced work.